Вилла, VILLA MARINA, Италия, Лигурия, Сан Ремо

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ID 19414
$ 569 61633 368 880 Р480 000 €
70 м2

Описание виллы

"VILLA MARINA" in Diano Marina is a wonderful villa under costruction, in a green and quiet area, at only 7 minutes by walk from the beaches.

This Villa will be divided into 4 apartments that will be completed with a big choice of materials and finishes. All the apartments of "Villa Marina" will enjoy private entrances, gardens or large terraces and two private parking spaces.

At today "Villa Marina" in Diano Marina - Liguria - can also be purchased as single or two families house.

The apartments on the ground floor have a porch, large tavern in the basement, and a big private garden with open view to the green:

Unit 1: 51m2 + 35m2 tavern + 203m2 garden = 320.000

Unit 2: 50m2 + 35m2 tavern + 99m2 garden = 240.000

The apartments on the first floor have private garden and large terrace overlooking the green and the sea:

Unit 3: 54m2 + 24m2 terrace + 116m2 garden = 370.000

Unit 4: 54m2 + 56m2 terrace + 124m2 garden = 480.000

+7 (495) 730-6838
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