What kind of partnership do we appreciate the most  in business? A reliable, competent and people oriented one. So is Blackwood Real Estate.

Blackwood Real Estate, Russia’s leading property services firm, is a proven reliable business partner willing to address the best solutions for you and exclusively for you. The company provides the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated services in residential, commercial and countryside real estate.

The risky field of asset investments distinguishes the property segment as one of the most safe and reliable segments available and our specialists are dedicated to providing you the most client-driven service available in the market, aimed at achieving the maximum return on investment for our Clients.

Why can you trust us?

Formed in 1991, Blackwood Company is one of the oldest and the most experienced real estate companies in the Russian market. The company’s English name was chosen due to the demand of foreign groups being attracted to the Moscow market. At this time the Company’s services were mainly based on residential estate brokerage for expatriate employees. Due to the respectable list of foreign Clients the company made its market entry as a serious player of international standards with Western management at its core.

In 1993, PriceWaterhouseCoopers became Blackwood’s first corporate client. Simultaneously, the company started to work with a number of foreign embassies, diplomatic missions, and major Western companies. Blackwood’s partnerships with these clients, most of which have become our long-term partners, date back to more than 10 years ago and our extensive list of blue chip clients continues to expand every year.

Notable Clients:

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Procter & Gamble, CSFB, Nokia, Caterpillar, Chevron, Air France, IKEA, Halliburton, American Chamber of Commerce, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Alcatel, Sun Interbrew, Samsung Electronics, British Airways and DHL Worldwide, among many others.

Our services have also been appreciated by the Embassies of the USA, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Israel, Finland, and the Netherlands.

Among the many clients Blackwood has had the pleasure of serving are also many leading Russian companies and State structures: UPDK, Itera, Bank of Moscow, UralSib, Sberbank, the Russian Federation Regional Administration, and the Russian Federation President Office, to name but a few.

Today, Blackwood’s advisers are leaders in the Russian property consulting market, holding  unrivalled experience in the newest of business techniques and technologies.

Why should you feel safe with us?

Blackwood focuses on evaluating clients’ objectives and delivering value-added solutions to each client, offering premium class services and a comprehensive package of integrated services.

Many problems that often occur, not only before but long after a deal is completed, are avoided due to the minimization of the risks associated with property decisions of our clients. We offer the complete range of real estate responsibilities, from “A” to “Z”.

Whether it is an apartment for a foreign guest, new office space consultation, family countryside cottage brokerage, or investment projects advice – all of this is at your disposal if you work with Blackwood because we work out only the best for you and exclusively for you. This contributes to our clients’ trust in what we do and provides long-lasting business relations.

 What do we offer?

Today, Blackwood provides the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of integrated services: Development and Investment Services, Strategic Consulting and Marketing Research, Residential, Office, Retail, and Industrial Agency brokerage.

Blackwood’s full service package overview:

  •  Strategic Consultation in the property market:

        -Tailored marketing research, in accordance to the client’s specific needs and goals;

         -Regular monitoring and assessment of the property market situation;

         -Investment consulting;

         -Land plots and property asset concept development;


         -Property marketing campaigns;

  • Development and investment assets:     

        - Architectural and construction consultation services;

         -Investment project management;

         -Construction Supervising;

         -Property Management;

Our work is not only for individual clients but also caters to corporate clients and investors. One of the main areas of activity at present is providing consulting services, covering financial and legal aspects of a project, compiling analytical market information, tax advisory etc. We guide our clients from the initial site search to timely financial fulfillments. Our main principles are to meet each client’s individual demands and provide a complete service advisory package.

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