The team

Konstantin Kovalev

Managing Partner

Konstantin Kovalev, Managing Partner at Blackwood, has more than 13 year experience in real estate business. Konstantin Kovalev holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics after graduating from St. Petersburg Military Institute named after A.F.Mozhaisky in 1986. 
In 1986-1992 he worked with the Main Intelligence directorate of the general Staff of the Soviet Union in Moscow. Konstantin received professional MBA in Real Estate Evaluation from Universität von Guerika in Magdeburg, Germany. 

Prior to taking up his current role, in 1994, Konstantin owned a British company “Tricrest UK” which specialized in export operations with the UK. 

Mr Kovalev holds the position of the Managing Partner at Blackwood since 1996. Over this period the company has grown up from a small firm which specialized in renting out elite apartments into a large consultant company which has invaded a considerable market share in residential, commercial, and countryside real estate in Moscow and the Moscow Region and has completed a number of successful projects in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

In 2007 Blackwood started regional expansion and established its first representative office in Sochi. Konstantin’s professional experience is proved by numerous public speeches on relevant real estate conferences and by regular commenting on the activity of the current market situation to the internet sites and printed-press editions.

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